Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sale: Answering the Myths on the Bible Version Debate

There are numerous myths in the Bible version debate, and detractors use these myths to overthrow the faith of the weak or unsteady. Good literature can strengthen and aid the believer to be ready to withstand the wiles of the devil as he wars against God's holy book.

Answering the Myths on the Bible Version Debate answers 30 of the most popular of these myths, including the following:

“King James Onlyism” was invented by a Seventh-day Adventist; there are no doctrinal differences between the modern versions and the KJV;

Fundamentalists did not defend the KJV before the 1970s; the KJV been updated in thousands of places;

King James I was a homosexual; the KJV translators said all versions are good; the King James Bible is too difficult to understand;

Erasmus was a Roman Catholic humanist; Erasmus’ Greek New Testament was hastily done and filled with errors;

Erasmus used a mere handful of Greek manuscripts; modern textual criticism is a legitimate science;

the difference between the Greek Received Text and the Westcott-Hort text is small and insignificant;

Westcott and Hort were theologically sound;

Erasmus promised to insert the Johannine Comma if a Greek manuscript was produced and challenged Edward Lee to find a manuscript that included this passage;

it is wrong to paint the entire field of modern textual criticism with the brush of skepticism, seeing that there are also Bible-believing men such as A.T. Robinson and B.B. Warfield in this arena;

it doesn't matter if the influential names in modern textual criticism are skeptics; the New King James Bible is merely an update of the King James;

the New American Standard Version is basically the same as the King James except for updated language;

the New International Version is a conservative evangelical translation that should be respected. 233 pages.

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