Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Talkshow9: Siapkah Anda Menyambut Kedatangan Yesus Kristus?


Blog27999 said...

As reported by Stanford Medical, It's really the ONLY reason women in this country live 10 years longer and weigh an average of 19 kilos lighter than us.

(And realistically, it really has NOTHING to do with genetics or some secret diet and EVERYTHING related to "HOW" they eat.)

BTW, What I said is "HOW", not "WHAT"...

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Blog27999 said...

This way my associate Wesley Virgin's adventure begins with this shocking and controversial video.

Wesley was in the army-and soon after leaving-he revealed hidden, "MIND CONTROL" secrets that the CIA and others used to get everything they want.

THESE are the EXACT same methods lots of celebrities (especially those who "come out of nothing") and top business people used to become rich and famous.

You probably know that you utilize only 10% of your brain.

Mostly, that's because most of your brain's power is UNCONSCIOUS.

Perhaps that thought has even taken place IN YOUR own head... as it did in my good friend Wesley Virgin's head 7 years ago, while riding an unregistered, beat-up garbage bucket of a car without a driver's license and on his bank card.

"I'm very frustrated with living payroll to payroll! When will I become successful?"

You've taken part in those conversations, ain't it so?

Your success story is waiting to be written. You just have to take a leap of faith in YOURSELF.

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