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Top 100 Theology Blogs

Christian Collegges - For students of religion, you’ll find a variety of blogs online devoted to it. Among these, you’ll find blogs about politics, history, writings, and more, all of which are represented here. Follow this list of top notch theology blogs to gain a deeper understanding of religious studies.

General Theology
These blogs cover anything and everything theology.
  1. Two Powers in Heaven: Two Powers in Heaven discusses an ancient Jewish theology that believes there were two holy powers in heaven.
  2. azcoyote: Get thoughts from a theologian through this blog.
  3. Euangelion: Euangelion discusses New Testament studies, Christian origins, following Jesus, and more.
  4. Narrative and Ontology: Here you’ll find Old Testament theology and a big picture look at Christianity and religion.
  5. Experimental Theology: Visit Experimental Theology, and you’ll find writings on God and religious truth.
  6. America’s Young Theologian: Dan Morehead discusses links, politics, books, life, and more in theology.
  7. Reformation Theology: Reformation Theology supports a reformed look at religion.
  8. Bryan’s Thoughts: Bryan writes about Biblical studies and theology on this blog.
  9. Douglas Knight: Douglas Knight’s blog offers a wealth of resources for Christian theology.
  10. New Epistles: Here you’ll find writings on theology, spirituality, scripture, and more.
  11. Biblical Theology: Check out this blog to read about biblical theology and related topics.
  12. Christians in Context: Christians in Context discusses Orthodox Christianity in a historical and contemporary context.
  13. Jesus Creed: Scot McKnight writes about Jesus and Orthodox faith as it relates to current theology.
  14. Revelation is Real: This blog is about reflections on Christianity and often the book of Revelation.
  15. Theological Scribbles: Robin Parry writes about various theological issues as well as books.
  16. Theology Forum: Visit the Theology Forum to find a discussion on the cultivation of theology.
  17. Sweet Tea & Theology: Read this blog to find new developments in theology, resources, and thought.
  18. Stepping into the Light: Stepping into the Light is a great blog and book for new Christians looking for a better understanding of Christian theology.
  19. Koinonia: Koinonia offers conversations on the Bible and theology for Christians.
  20. Stalin’s Moustache: Check out Roland Boer’s blog to read about the Bible, theology, philosophy, and more.
  21. Christian Theology: These bloggers come together to discuss Christian theology.
  22. Parchment and Pen: This group of bloggers focuses on theology and informed discussion.
  23. The Lucifer Effect: The Lucifer Effect considers how good people turn evil.
  24. HIM-An Introduction: Get an introduction to God through this theology blog.
  25. Faith and Theology: This blog is all about faith and theological scholarship.
Read these blogs that cast a critical eye on myths, faith, and more.
  1. NT Wrong?: This blog asks if the New Testament, Old Testament, Early Judaism, and Early Christianity are wrong.
  2. Skeptical Christian: The Skeptical Christian addresses the myth that Christianity is a leap of faith.
  3. Why Faith: This blog explains faith from a Christian perspective.
Read these blogs to discover a political discussion on religion.
  1. Theopolitical: On Theopolitical, you’ll find smart discussions on the intersection of politics and theology.
  2. God’s Politics: Learn about the political issues in Christianity today from God’s Politics.
  3. Faithfully Liberal: Get an understanding of the theology of a liberal Christian on this blog.
  4. Law and Theology: Christopher Neiswonger discusses the way law affects theology and Christianity.
Be sure to check out these blogs for a healthy dose of religious history.
  1. PaleoJudica: PaleoJudica offers a look at ancient Judaism and its context.
  2. The Wisdom of Our Ancestors: Get a look into wise Jewish teachings from this blog.
  3. The Jesus Dynasty: This blog accompanies a book by the same name, which is concerned with early Christianity.
  4. Prewrath Rapture: Prewrath Rapture writes about the history of Prewrath.
  5. Bible/History Blog: Bill Heroman covers both the Bible and history on this blog.
  6. Earliest Christian History: Check out this blog for information on Christian origins and early Judaism.
  7. Old Testament Story: Otstory discusses stories of the Old Testament.
  8. Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean: Philip A. Harland discusses social and religious life in the ancient Mediterranean.
  9. Thoughts on Antiquity: In this blog you’ll find a celebration of all things ancient, including ancient religious finds and texts.
  10. Ralph the Sacred River: Edward Cook writes about ancient religion and more.
You’ll find a lot to learn from these academic theologists, including college professors, researchers, and students.
  1. The Blogging Parson: Michael Jensen has a doctorate in Martyrdom, and teaches Christian Doctrine.
  2. Exploring Our Matrix: Dr. James McGrath writes this blog about exploring the theological world.
  3. The Religious Researcher: Read this blog to find cutting edge Christian research on today’s theology.
  4. Philonica et Neotestamentica: Here you’ll read research notes on Philo of Alexandria as well as New Testament issues.
  5. Blue Cord: Blue Cord offers an academic study of the Bible from lecturer Kevin A. Wilson, PhD.
  6. Targuman: In this blog, you’ll find writings about Targum Lamentations, biblical and rabbinic literature, and Christian theology.
  7. Katagraphais: Katagraphais offers theology, books to read, and more.
  8. The Christian Journey: Check out this blog to find a collection of Bible teaching and devotional writings.
  9. The Fire and the Rose: David Congdon is a PhD student in systematic theology at Princeton Theological Seminary.
  10. Singing in the Reign: These professors of theology offer insights into Christianity, ancient Judaism, and more.
  11. Biblia Theologica: This professor of New Testament Studies and Biblical Theology writes about biblical and theologic thought.
  12. Higgaion: This Associate Professor of Religion at Pepperdine shares thoughts about theology and family life.
  13. Strawberry-Rhubarb Theology: This blog offers a look at theology from acollege student.
  14. Leithart: Dr. Peter Leithart discusses theology and literature on this blog.
  15. Notes from Off-Center: Andrew Tatusko of Mount Aloysius College writes on postmodern theology and more.
  16. Judy’s Research Blog: Judy studies and shares information about the Gospel of Thomas.
  17. Helm’s Deep: Professor Phil Helm offers philosophical theology on this blog.
  18. Shored Fragments: Steve Holmes of St. Mary’s College in Scotland offers fragments of theology that are interesting enough to share.
  19. NT Gateway Weblog: Associate Professor Mark Goodacre writes about the theology of the New Testament on this blog.
  20. Professor of Old Testament: Dr. Claude Mariottini writes about the study of the Old Testament.
These ministers, preachers, priests, and more offer a strong perspective on religious studies.
  1. Shuck and Jive: Shuck and Jive features a Presbyterian minister’s writings about spirituality, theology, social issues, and beyond.
  2. Delivered By Grace: Rev. Josh Buice offers a resource for preachers, laypersons, and teachers within the church looking for theological guidance.
  3. Doug Chaplin: Doug Chaplin shares his thoughts on theology in modern Catholocism.
  4. The Reformed Pastor: This Evangelical Presbyterian pastor discusses Christian faith.
  5. Ponderings on a Faith Journey: This Church historian and pastor shares his thoughts and opinions.
  6. Real Live Preacher: Gordon Atkinson writes about his life as a preacher and essays on theology.
Society & Culture
Discover the intersection of society, culture, and religion through these theology blogs.
  1. Losing My Religion: Check out this blog to learn about society versus religion.
  2. ThinkChristian: ThinkChristian discusses Christ, culture, and everyday faith.
  3. a time to tear down | A Time to Build Up: Dr. Peter Enns covers discussions on the Bible and contemporary Christian faith.
  4. The Intersect: Chris Goodman shares his insight on the intersection of ministry and the Internet.
  5. Christ and Pop Culture: This blog brings Christian theology and pop culture together.
  6. The Evangelical Outpost: The Evangelical Outpost offers a look at politics, culture, and religion.
  7. Between Two Worlds: Justin Taylor’s blog offers a mix of theology, philosophy, politics, and culture.
  8. in the open space: God & culture: Here you’ll find thoughts on God, faith, and culture.
  9. the church and postmodern culture: Find contemporary philosophy on culture and theology together in this blog.
  10. C. Orthodoxy: Ken Brown writes this blog to discuss the links between Christian faith and postmodern culture.
These blogs are concerned with the study of religious texts.
  1. biblicalia: biblicalia focuses on important theological texts.
  2. Off the Wall Torah: Check out Off the Wall Torah for a discussion on the Jewish theological text.
  3. Ancient Hebrew Poetry: This blog focuses on poetry from the Ancient Hebrew times.
  4. Biblical Theology: This blog promotes the study and discussion of the history, methodology, direction, and more of biblical theology.
  5. Rabbis and Their Writings: Find the writings of rabbis through this blog.
  6. Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: Check out this blog to read book reviews on theological texts and more.
  7. The Naked Bible: Michael Heiser discusses biblical theology in an ancient context.
  8. NT Resources: In this blog, you’ll find lots of information and resources about the New Testament.
  9. Awilum: Awilum discusses the Bible and ancient Near East.
  10. Andy Naselli: Andy Naselli’s blog focuses largely on contemporary texts about theology and Christianity.
  11. Bite My Bible: Bite My Bible discusses how the Bible is portrayed on the British media scene.
  12. Hebrew and Greek Reader: Get help in reading Hebrew and Greek literature from this blog.
  13. The Bible Post: Find Bible teachings, devotions, and more on this blog.
  14. Chrisendom: This postgraduate student’s blog focuses on Paul’s language and beyond.
  15. Hypotyposeis: Check out Hypotyposeis to find readings from the Gospel and beyond.
  16. The Guild of Biblical Minimalists: These bloggers believe that the Bible is primarily and theologically an apologetic work.
  17. Confessions of a Bible Junkie: This blog offers a good look at biblical studies.
  18. Daily Hebrew: Daily Hebrew posts daily readings from Biblical Hebrew.
  19. Codex: Read this blogger’s thoughts on biblical studies and important theological texts here.
  20. Theological Musings: Theological Musings is all about musings on theological writings.
  21. Jesus, Paul, and Luke: This blog focuses on Jesus, Paul, Luke, early Judaism, and Christianity.
  22. The Reformed Reader: The Reformed Reader discusses books from a reformed Christian perspective.

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