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The Antichrist’s One World Economy

The Cause of Crisis in US

The world was shocked when several US financing companies went bankrupt since this would impact other financing companies, even the banking sector. The first impact was the crash of stock prices in Dow Jones Index. Henry Paulson, US Finance Minister, immediately devised a US$700 billion bailout plan. When the first proposal was rejected by the Congress, the fall of stock prices was even worse. So Paulson, who was back up by George W. Bush, stated that if US Congress was not willing to accept this proposal, not only US but also the whole world would experience a severe economic crisis. Finally, the Congress had no option but to approve this bailout plan.

Indonesian financial analyst, Christianto Wibisono, stated in 13 October 2008 Suara Pembaruan Newspaper that US financial crisis was not caused by George W. Bush, but by the lifestyle of Americans who tend to spend much more than what they actually earn. Many people are still unaware that although the world is temporarily saved by the US$700 billion bailout, the credit card crisis is still looming ahead. It is estimated that US credit card debt reached US$1 trillion. We in Indonesia are also being encouraged to use credit card and make credit card debt as part of our lifestyle.

So why could this US financial crisis happen? The answer is because the world relied heavily on US democracy system and free market economy. All people wanted to deposit their money in US. Even the third world countries’ corruptors put their money in US banks! This made US banks experienced what was called over-liquidity (too much money), so they offered low interest rates. Due to excess of funds, they offer loans easily to housing financing companies. Because the easiness of getting funds out of banks, many financing companies made unwise decisions in order to achieve their target of loan granted. So, without proper customer feasibility study, they granted housing loans to people who actually could not afford it. On the other hand, the customers who were used to live on loans, without due consideration, greedily grabbed this opportunity to buy big and expensive houses. Finally, the amount of non performing loans increased so much that many financing companies went bankrupt. This problem created a severe impact to the banks that loaned money to these companies. If the amount involved was small, its influence would be limited. But because the amount reached billions of dollars, it became not only national but also an international problem.

Lucifer’s Heroin

Credit card debt became a common thing not only in US but in the whole world. People with credit card tend to purchase anything without further thought since “buy now, pay later” becomes their motto. Older generations used to advise their children to save money. But today, people are used to owe money, sometimes even until several levels. Banks that issue credit cards wish that the credit card holders spend as much as they can and only pay the minimum amount because they cannot afford to pay in full, since this will generate high interest income for the banks.

People living at the end of the age are so pampered with technology. Technology itself is not evil or wrong. Using hand phones is of course more convenient than using monolog phones that must be connected through wire. Other technological inventions also add more to our comfort. But this comfort is not for free. It has a price and it is not cheap. To buy it, people need much money so they must work hard to afford it. Those who are not patient enough to wait can use credit card to buy it even if they don’t enough money yet.

So, through technological advancement and “buy now, pay later” principle, people can fill their houses with all the technological gimmicks through debt. This kind of lifestyle has spread to most, if not all, people of this age. People no longer give second or third thought when buying things. With credit cards, they still have one month lag time and also the minimum payment facility.

Every country with free market economy encourages its citizens to be economic human beings. They work so hard day and night to get money in order to buy material things that they scarcely have enough time for their family or their church. They go to work so early in the morning and go home so late at night. This financial chaos in US is only Lucifer’s test case to see how panic people would be when facing financial problems. He will hold this power to cause all people to worship him. This chaos in the end will lead to the unitization of world economy under one monetary policy. Nancy Pelosi urged George W. Bush to invite all G8 countries to sit down together to discuss joint actions to solve this economic problem. This crisis will ultimately lead the world to one single economic policy.

The US presidential election could be a test to Americans. Would they prefer economy to Christian virtues? Apparently Americans will choose the candidate who is able to lead them to economic welfare rather than family values based on Christian virtues. Americans cannot afford to face an economic hardship after enjoying economic welfare for so long. They don’t really know how to save money or to survive an economic crisis. After all, finding jobs has never been difficult before. Why do they need to save money?

So, the moral of the US president candidate is no longer important. The most important thing is whether he can lead US to economic improvement. Therefore, it is not surprising if one day Lucifer comes in the open and state his position against biblical Christians, people will still choose him. Lucifer will be fully back up by the homosexuals, people from all religions, untruthful Christians, Hollywood movie stars who practice free sex, and other communities. Lucifer has been successful in offering “heroin” in the form of leisure living and freedom to borrow money. He knows for sure that most people will die without him.

No One Can Sell and Buy

In Revelation 13:16-17, it is written that “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy and sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” In your opinion, what are the factors that will enable Lucifer to control the world economy, to the point where no one can buy or sell without his permission? There must have been a monetary unitization so the monetary authority for the whole world is held by one ruler.

Lucifer will be successful in unitizing the world politics so that one world government is established. It is possible to have one federation country with 200 states. US will become one state, and so will Indonesia and China. The world president must be a very prominent person and will be elected by all people in the whole world. Don’t you know that we have already had a World Parliament? And do you know that in October 2008 Indonesia has proposed Agung Laksono as a candidate for the chairman of the world parliament?

We are heading toward one world economy and one world monetary policy. We have already had World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) which help many countries to solve their financial problems. Can you now see that a global anti-Christ government which was revealed by God in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream as a great image whose feet were made of iron and clay is now being formed?

Revelation chapter 13 which was quoted above told us that anti-Christ would rule the world and control the economy so that no one can sell and buy without his permission. Many people reading Revelation chapter 13 were shocked by the number of the anti-Christ, 666, while unaware that they themselves were in the program.

The Kingdom of Iron and Clay

Nebuchadnezzar dreamed dreams, and it was recorded in Daniel chapter 2. There was almost a slaughter in the Babylonian Kingdom because no one was able to interpret the dreams of the great king. However, since those dreams came from God, only God could reveal the meaning, and this was done through Daniel. We were told that the head of the image made of gold represented the Babylonian Kingdom at that time. It was also said that after this kingdom, four more kingdoms would emerge before another kingdom symbolized by a rock rolling down from a mountain destroyed them. Because after 2,600 years have passed after Daniel got this revelation, it is very easy for us today to understand that the breast and arms made of silver were actually the Median-Persian Kingdom that came after Babylonia, the belly and thighs made of bronze were actually the Greek Kingdom with its “Alexander the unGreat” and the legs made of iron were actually the Roman Empire (European Union) that crucified Jesus Christ.

So what does the kingdom of iron and clay actually mean? It is surely not Singosari or Sriwijaya (Indonesian local kingdoms before Indonesia became an independent country), or England. Since the Roman Empire collapsed, there has been no other kingdom or government as global as it was. Because this fifth kingdom was described as made of iron and clay, then the iron must be Europe, which was the identity of the fourth kingdom. Now the question is, what is represented by the clay?

It appears that the financial crisis happening today is the process of the forming of the “clay.” Christianto Wibisono and other economists view that through this crisis, US will be more “damaged” and China will be more “triumphant.” Don’t forget that the Arabian countries (Islamic countries) are not affected by this crisis. Media Indonesia Newspaper on its 13 October 2008 issue stated that Saudi Arabia planned to construct a building complex which height was more than 1 Km and cost about US$26.7 billion.

Can it be that what was meant by the “clay” was actually China which is very famous for its ceramic? Or could it be that the clay was actually the Arabian countries (Islamic countries) or the combination of both? If the “iron” represented the Western world (Europe), can it mean that the “clay” was the Eastern World (the combination of China, Arab, etc.)? So will the whole world unite like iron mixed with clay? Let us wait for the final event. It can be that you will experience it.

He Will Infiltrate the Church

Chapter 13 of Revelation is being fulfilled and the antichrist with the 666 sign is forming itself. The fifth kingdom that is the iron and clay mix which was described in the image of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, is revealing itself. The real antichrist is actually a person who claims himself to be Christ. The word “anti”is a Greek preposition which means against someone by impersonating the person against whom he is fighting. So antichrist is against Christ by claiming himself as Christ or in other words, antichrist is a phony Christ. Christ in Greek has the same meaning with Messiah in Hebrew. So, the antichrist will come not from the leaders of other religions, but from Christians.

He will preach about Christ according to his version, and he will call himself as the Anointed One, which is the meaning of the word “Christ.” He calls himself or his office as the replacement of Christ. Before the main antichrist comes, he will send his spies pretending as Christians to all churches. He will tell everyone not to talk about doctrines, because in the absence of the teaching of true doctrines will make his covers more secured. He will lead the churches to lower the moral standards and introduce pop music as Christian songs. He will concoct a doctrine, in which everyone who will go to heaven has been chosen before the world was made, so eliminates the need to spread the Gospel. He will lead all churches to one institution. In his book, All Roads Lead to Rome, Michael de Semlyen declared the Roman Catholic Church as the final station of antichrist.

He will unite the world under one power, and all economic policies will also under his. But those are not the ends but mere tools, since the deepest desire of Lucifer is to be worshiped not only by human beings, but also by God, his Creator (Matthew 4:9). He will unite the churches in his clutch and proclaim himself as Christ. This will happen after he gives a quasi power to his disciples to perform miracles in the name of “Christ” (which is himself), and at the same time he will destroy pure Christian doctrines, moral, and motivation (the three measures of flour) with yeast.

Advice for Christians

Beware, be wise, and pay attention to the doctrines because doctrines were the differentiating factors between one religion and another. If you don’t like to learn about doctrine, then you will not be able to differentiate one church with another, and slowly but sure, you will not be able to differentiate one religion with another. Examine the teachings of each church, and differentiate one teaching with another. Learn carefully to make sure that you accept only the most biblical and logical teachings. Don’t be amazed only with one doctrine, but each doctrine of one church must be harmonious with others of the same church. Don’t forget to compare the teachings of GRAPHE with those of other churches’. Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at church@grapheministry.org or gits@grapheministry.org. The true teachings will allow all who hear them to examine them. Delicious food can only be offered but not forced to be eaten. Make sure that you join a biblical church while we are waiting the second coming of our Lord, because the Lord once said sardonically, “. . . when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” He is pessimistic to find true faith when he comes again. It must be that true faith is being eroded by churches with false doctrines.

Does it mean that you can still use credit to buy a car or a house? Of course you can, but you have to make sure that the amount of the installment is within your affordable range. Can you still use Credit Card? Of course! But control your spending. Try to be content with what you have, and save as much money as you can to anticipate troubled days. We have to help other Christians who are proved to be faithful, not just pretending to be, as a proof that we are brothers in Christ. (translated by Mrs. Krista Ang)

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